Nesca Darks


An Urban Vampire Series

There's a new kind of vampire in the City of Angels.

” Los Angeles Homicide Detective Kel Langston finds that out the hard way when he survives a brutal attack in a dark alley only to realize he’s been turned into a monster. 

 And as if that isn’t enough, Kel finds himself forced into hunting the creatures that did this to him, a new kind of vampire humans doesn’t even know exist…a kind of vampire known only as Takers. 

Something he hates… and can’t resist… and doesn’t know how to kill. Blood… souls… family… an urban fantasy sure to give you chills as you wonder if this is truly why criminals are criminals. Taker… Your blood is only the beginning.”

Los Angeles Homicide Detective Kel Langston finds that out the hard way when he survives a brutal attack in a dark alley only to realize he’s been turned into a monster. Stuck halfway between the living and the dead, his existence becomes a nightmare war for control between his human side and the burning hunger that gnaws at him, urging him to do things no human should ever want to do.

LA police detective Kel Langston thought specializing in serial killers was complicated until he was attacked by a Taker, a creature that lives on the blood and souls of its human victims. Now straddling the worlds of the living and the dead as a Half-Turn – half Taker and half human – Kel must struggle to preserve his secret and keep the human part of him alive against the horrific needs of his monster half. In the process he locates others of his kind, and with the help of an unusual ally, a Taker with secrets of his own, uncovers shocking new truths about what and who he really is.

Attacked in a dark alley by a species of vampire known as a Taker, Kel now struggles to exist as a Half-Turn, trapped halfway between the worlds of the living and the dead. Running, fighting and hiding are his new way of life… But he’s not alone: wherever he goes, his ragtag family follows, and their numbers are growing. Ray, the rogue Taker; Levi and Jess, the Half-Turns; Jess’s unborn child, a miracle the Takers will do anything to get their hands on; ten-year-old Stevie, who saw his mother killed by a Taker; and perhaps the most difficult of all for Kel, rookie cop Lucy Gaiman, who asks too many questions, and is in danger of finding more answers than she bargains on.

LAPD Detective Kel Langston, Half-Turned into a blood-and-soul sucking vampire-like creature less than a year ago, continues his fight against forces that have been toying with him and his Family from the very beginning. But Takers aren’t the only things he has to worry about, and when the full truth of what’s been going on in the US for years is revealed it’s him that the world looks to, to save it from the real threat to human beings…their own kind.


“Nesca Darks has been writing since childhood, and one of her favorite things to imagine is dark, creepy horror scenarios, which she claims she comes by naturally because of her name! 

 She likes to change known tropes, which is why the Takers in her breakout urban vampire series aren’t your momma’s brand of vampires. Oh, and they don’t sparkle, either. 

When not finding new ways to kill and torture fictional victims, you’ll find Nesca exploring spooky caves and abandoned properties…and maybe even the occasional graveyard.

She currently calls Tennessee home along with her vampire kitty, the Pharoah-in-training named Ramses.”


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